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How is it done?

In an active learning environment the School will comprise problem-oriented plenary lectures with case-base dinstructions or recommendations, respectively, and workshops with team work focusing on exercises based on real businesses and addressing practicing presentation skills.

Based on “need-to-know” criteria the goals of the School are to generate attitudes towards entrepreneurship and innovation, convey knowledge about the subjects, learning to think and act entrepreneurially and address current practices of founding a firm based on education and training in science or engineering received from a university or practiced in a (public) research environment.

The School material will use the English language (lectures/slides, discussions, exercises and references).

For certain KIT-institutes the School represents a complement to the PhD-program “Promo­tionsprogramm SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT.”

Who is it for?

All those from natural sciences and engineering considering seriously to found a firm or those being interested in and curious about entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly those from biology/biotechnology, chemistry, physics and chemical or process engineering involved in Bachelor/Diploma, Master, doctoral (PhD) or postdoc activities.

The School will not address information and communication technology (I&CT) targeting soft­ware developments for consumer services or related Internet firms.

The School interconnects scientific and technical thinking and the mind-set of entrepreneurs and demonstrates ways to transfer scientific or technical ideas into market-related offerings (essentially products and services) – whether through self-employment in an own technology venture (“startup”) or in an already existing company (“intrapreneurship”).

In this regard for graduates the School also provides an introduction into the current situation of industrial research and innovation as a basis for a career in industry.