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Course Instructor

Wolfgang Runge

Wolfgang Runge

  • Independent scientist and consultant; emphasis on innovation and research; competitive intelligence; “Chemical Business Engineering”: RISCNet (http://www.riscnet.de/)

Basic Research (8 years):

  • Chemist by education; doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.), Free University of Berlin (Germany) - 1971
  • Habilitation (Dr. rer. nat. habil.): Technical University of Munich (Germany) - 1975

Applied Research (11 years):

  • “Society for Information and Documentation” (GID); later integrated into “Fraunhofer GMD National Research Center for Information Technology”: Chemical Information and Computer Science; Information Science and Systems, Information Economy

Industrial Research (18 years):

  • The Dow Chemical Company: R&D Operations Manager (incl. InfoCenter, R&D Computerization, Capital/Expense Planning & Control, Building & Lab Infrastructure); Information Project Leader and “Specialist” (“Intellectual Asset Management”, New Business Development; “Competitive Intelligence”, “Technology Intelligence” and Patent Systems; Knowledge Discovery in Text Databases (KDT))