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Teaching Character

Attendees’ Prerequisites: Interest, attention, curiosity and the willingness to grasp the essentials of the business field.


An interdisciplinary and multi-technology approach targeting also “soft” skills:

As entrepreneurs will have to communicate a lot; correspondingly the School will also address presentation skills.

A business idea must be communicable. A business plan is a communications piece – a “selling document.”


In an active learning environment the School will comprise problem-oriented plenary lectures with case-based instructions or recommendations, respectively, and workshops with team work focusing on exercises based on real businesses and addressing practicing presentation skills.

The proportion of time for workshops covers 45 percent. They will focus on business idea generation and ideation, business models and plans, finances & financing as well as practicing presentation skills on the basis of an “elevator pitch.”

An introductory workshop will be based on assigned reading, a given text for elaborating basic terms and concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation, to be read before the School starts